12 Plays of Christmas – Day 1 – Twelve Days of Christmas by The Joseph & Mary Chain

14 Dec

For me, Christmas and good music go together like mistletoe and wine (a dangerous combination if ever there was one especially, as my workmate Paul pointed out,  if reversed…)

Some of my favourite tunes are Christmas-themed even though they’re only allowed out for four weeks a year. I did know someone who listened to Yuletide tapes in the summer but that’s just not the way nature intended.

Over the next 12 days I’ll offer up a dozen of my favourite festive plays. You may’ve heard of a few of them. Most, as you’d expect, are more obscure. Let me know what you think…

Day 1 – The Twelve Days of Christmas by The Joseph and Mary Chain – listen here

A rousing rendition of the traditional tune by the Sunderland supergroup which boasted members of Field Music and The Futureheads. The north-eastern blast of “two terrt-al doves” certainly clears away the winter cobwebs.

It appeared on the excellent 2006 charity compilation It’s Not Like Christmas, which you can buy from Izumi Records or download on iTunes


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