Tracks for Easter – Nobody ‘Cept You by 16 Horsepower

21 Apr

When Bob Dylan recorded Nobody ‘Cept You while making Planet Waves in 1973 he was still a few years off his dramatic conversion to Christianity at the end of the decade. So, if we’re splitting hairs, it’s a bit far-fetched to call this an Easter song.

16 Horsepower‘s cover, on the other hand, is a different matter. The now defunct Denver folk-and-brimstone act included it on their superb 2000 LP Secret South (labelled “brilliant” by the NME).

After nine songs of pretty intense rumination on sin, judgement and obligation, comes Nobody ‘Cept You. It’s a joyous celebration of love – whether human or divine. While everything else falls around him, singer David Eugene Edwards (a massive Dylan fan) marvels at the object of his affection: “You’re the one that reaches me/You’re the one that I admire/Every time we meet together/I feel like I’m on fire”.

This vibrant relationship reminds the singer of “that old familiar chime” that thrilled him “in the churches” as a child. Now grown up he walks “mournfully” through the churchyard – “I’m a stranger here and no-one sees me/’Cept you/Yeah you”. The song finishes with a heart-leaping burst of “I’m in love with you!”; surely one of the purest declarations Dylan ever penned.

In the end, he didn’t include it on Planet Waves, though it eventually surfaced on the Bootleg Series Vol 1-3.

A solo live take by David Eugene Edwards (who now performs as Wovenhand) can be viewed on YouTube or hear the 16HP studio version below.


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