Dadrock rules…for now

2 Apr

I’m pleased to report that my youngest son Reuben – who turned 3 last week – shares his dad’s impeccable taste in tune-age.

About to shoot over to Longdon (a small nearby village not, unfortunately, a capital-city typo) to pick up a ‘new’ DVD player for the kids on Freecycle, I  got in the car today to find his sister Macy (5) trying to sneak Now 77 (disc 2) into the stereo before I arrived.

Banishing them to their booster seats, I instead suggested that we listen to the CD that was in there, giving them a convincing blast of soul/gospel legend Mavis Staples.

“No, that’s dad music!” Macy protested.

“I like daddy’s music!” Reuben retorted, bringing a smile to my face and an ET-like glow to my heart.

Macy was, obviously, repeating something she’d heard from her mum. Reuben, on the other hand, was plainly speaking from a purer heart, too young to have his taste sullied.

Reuben rock

Reuben, then 1, digs dad's rock

In fact, as Lisa often jokes, Reuben is my best friend at weekends, shadowing me around the house; “what you doin dad!” comes the shout from the other side of the toilet door. He even brought his coco pops into our bedroom this morning after realising I’d left him alone in the kitchen.

Anyway, though Now 77 won the car CD battle, my son’s allegiances lie with me, for the time being at least.


One Response to “Dadrock rules…for now”

  1. lisa April 2, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    Enjoy his allegiance while it lasts!! I’m sure it wasn’t me that turned the kids against ur ‘dadrock’ i think it’s because they grow up and realise there is other music 😀

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