Re-firing blanks – mix tapes and Radio 4

15 Feb

Remember the pesky run-in tape at the start of a blank cassette that threatened to sabotage the first track of whatever hot selection you were trying to transfer? If so, there was an entertaining piece about mix tapes on Radio 4’s Saturday Live at the weekend. Beckie Garvey (sister of Elbow’s Guy) reminisced about trying to squeeze the perfect compilation onto a C90. A lack of confidence in my music collection in the 1980s (anyone fancy a Big Country track, followed by Robert Palmer, followed by Simple Minds? Thought not) meant there weren’t many mix tapes leaping out my bedroom door. But I now love making mix CDs (doesn’t quite have the same ring…) and enjoy, almost as much, receiving them. Suppose if I’m trying to hang with the kids I should circulate a ‘sick’ playlist from Spotify or just Bluetooth you it. Meanwhile, you can listen to the Radio 4 show here.


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